RSP supports rescue, adoption and efforts to create a no-kill country. We partner and foster for New Leash On Life and Lulu’s Locker Rescue when possible. Our Rockstar Rescue focuses on helping to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals in our country by rescuing, providing food and shelter, and finding great adoptive homes for homeless pets.

Our longtime foster Leto (for NLOL) found a home! Adopted! We fostered Vanity for Lulu’s Locker Rescue  Adopted! We fostered Ladybird/Lola for NLOL
Ren Zeus Mikey
Adopted! Ren and Rocky (b/w) were fostered by RSP for Raindog Rescue Adopted! Zeus was fostered by RSP for

Raindog Rescue
 “Feisty” is what CACC said about Wilie. Of course, Elissa fell in love and he now lives with her.
Ren rocco ART_1395711016223
Odie was fostered by Rockstar Pets for Raindog Rescue. Sweet 3 yr old Rocco was fostered by Rockstar Pets for Blackdog All Breed Animal He was adopted on 11/15/2013 Fillipo (now Louie) was sponsored and fostered by Rockstar Pets for Raindog Rescue. He was adopted on 7/5/2014
Tramp Wicka Calvin
Tramp was fostered by Rockstar Pets for Lulu’s Locker. He was adopted on 4/7/2012 Sweet 1 yr old Wicka was vetted, fostered and socialized by Rockstar Pets. She was adopted on 7/24/12. Calvin, was transferred from a Ohio kill shelter. We vetted him and he quickly found a forever home.
 Z puppy for adoption King
Elissa, RSP Owner, fell in love with a pit mix named “Z” and adopted him in Dec. 2012 Mulligan was a Lulu’s Locker rescue and a RSP foster. We are happy to say he found a forever home. The sweetest 7 month old pit mix, King, found a home in February 2013.
Aliza Finley Shania
 Aliza was a Lulu’s Locker rescue and a RSP foster. We are happy to say she found a forever home.  Finley was adopted by two amazing RSP clients who thought he made the perfect friend for their two girl pups. Lolita (now Arkham) was fostered for Lulu’s Locker and found a forever home!

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